GRP Fibre Glass Roofing

Surecrest Developments are fully trained fiberglass roofing installers!

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) also known as fibreglass roof. This consists of a mat of glass fibre strands used in conjunction with a flexible resin compound which cures to a tough and durable finish. If you are looking for a Fibre Glass roof in London, contact us to speak to an expert.

GRP has been in use for many years and has been used for marine craft such as boats and yachts. It has also been used for car bodies and is found in aircraft manufacture. It is also recognised by construction authorities and home insurers as a premium flat roofing solution.

•Materials are specially formulated for roofing applications

•20 year guarantee on materials

•Fast ‘wet-out’

•Low styrene emission

•High flexibility

•Adjusted for seasonal variations in temperature

•Good inter-laminar adhesion